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Add a Romance Novel to Your Fall Reading List

Book 1 in the "Dancing Into Romance Series" is Susan Fischer's novel, "Her Next Dance"

Outspoken attorney and single mother, Lauren Miller, is trying hard to earn a living in a firm where her boss takes over her cases. If he’s not in the office, he yells at her via speaker-phone to “stop acting like a woman.”

So, you guessed it. This is not your typical romance novel. It touches on current topics such as sexual harassment in the workplace, the "Me Too" movement, and raising a teenager as a single mother.

Lauren's only comfort is in taking ballroom dance lessons with single-dad and dance instructor, Marco Gonzalez. Although she senses a possible connection with Marco, she struggles to trust him, remembering her ex-fiancé who abandoned her.

Will Lauren and Marco’s passion for dance turn their friendship into love?And, will Lauren believe that God has not abandoned her? Give this Christian romance a try. You won't regret it!

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