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About Susan

Susan Fischer is an author, Christian Mediator, and a speaker with several ministries. Her debut novel, Her Next Dance, A Christian romance, will be published by Forget Me Not Romances in the spring of 2019. She leads a worship service at a local retirement center, and is active in the Peacemaking Ministry, Inner Healing Prayer Ministry, leads a Bible Study group, and is a member of the Order of the Daughters of the King. She has a Juris Doctor degree from Detroit College of Law and has practiced Personal Injury Law in Michigan and Florida for over 30 years. She has one son and daughter in law up north, and lives in Bradenton, Florida, near a dance studio and her favorite beach.

Links and Resources

To order Susan Fischer's first novel, Her Next Dance, second novel, Dancing with a Cowboy, third novel, Save the Last Dance, or her fourth novel, Reunion For Two, please visit


Here are some other books, organizations and ministries which might help you: 

Events and courses in Inner Healing Prayer (Contact Rev. Dr. Sharon Lewis for more information.)  (Contact Gerry Gardner for more information.)

Courses available in Christian Conflict Coaching, Christian Mediation, events, conferences and an online store.

"The Peacemaker" by Ken Sande (available at

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New Novel!

Susan's newest novel, called "Reunion For Two" was released in March of 2024. 

Did you ever have a friend that you may not have spoken with in years, but when you are finally face to face, it's like you were never apart? That's how it is with Kathleen and Juliet. Best friends since junior high school, Kathleen Landon and Juliet Bateman promise to get together in the future as often as they can.

Through the years, they hug, catch up, disagree, cry, and laugh. They support each other through difficult times, and they celebrate good times. Against the backdrop of current events and songs of the 60's through the present, we enter different times in their lives. Some are calm. Some are contentious. But they are always entertaining.

The Dancing into Romance Series

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The Dancing into Romance Series

Whether you like to dance or not, you'll enjoy this heart-warming series full of romance and suspense about small town life on the west coast of Florida. Strong and confident characters experience timely conflicts such as raising teenagers, getting over emotional baggage, empowering career decisions, surviving abusive partners, and receiving forgiveness and redemption.

You can download the set for Kindle by clicking the link below.


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