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  • Susan Fischer

Bored with Social Distancing? Try a Virtual Dance Class in these books and Find Romance!

Are you staying safe at home? It's necessary during this extraordinary time. But, are you bored yet? Have you always wanted to take ballroom dance lessons but never had the courage and/or time to try?

Well, I have three novels for you that are available now to be ordered from

1) "Her Next Dance" tells the story of Lauren Miller, a single mother, attorney, who stumbles upon a dance class when she goes to her favorite gym to workout. She also stumbles into a hunky dance instructor, Marco Gonzalez, who has a little girl at the gym with him. Thinking that the girl is his daughter, she is turned off by Marco's flirtation with her, thinking that he is just another "player." But his kind manner points to some other explanation--Could he be a single dad? Find out the answer and also learn how to do the Salsa while you have the time. Available now in paperback and e-book on

2) "Dancing with a Cowboy" tells the story of a shy paralegal, Lainey MacDonald, who escaped her life up north with an abusive partner to a small beach town in sunny, Florida. Lainey is challenged by her new job and is starting over in her new life, getting used to the dating world. She meets Allan Whitfield, a former cowboy and ranch foreman, Allan Whitfield at a dance class. Lainey's freckles and red hair is are aphrodisiacs to him. But how can he reassure her that he's a nice guy who wouldn't harm a fly? Find out the story of their relationship, and learn the Cha Cha as a bonus, in Dancing with a Cowboy" available in paperback and e-book at

3) And, Susan's third novel in this series, "Save the Last Dance" will be available soon. It's about Liz Everton, paralegal, and one of the only female ranch owners in Florida. A widow, she's still looking to live life to the fullest and laugh as much as possible. She's attracted to the minister of her church, a widower, Pastor Isaiah Comstock. But is he too obsessed with his past and church gossip to ask Liz to be his partner in the Waltz, and then, in life? Find out the answer in "Save the Last Dance" available soon at

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