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  • Susan Fischer

My article, "Write and Publish for Christ" on "Seriously Write" blog

Many thanks to editor and one of the founders of “Seriously Write,” Dawn Kinzer. My article on evangelism, “Write and Publish for Christ,” appears on their blog this week. Here is a link to it:

Please check it out and feel free to comment.

In some ways I am an introvert who enjoys the peace and satisfaction from this lone activity. But, I also enjoy writing in a group, like a writing retreat that I participated in with my writing group in July of last year.

My absence over the Christmas and New Year’s time was due to a great time with family and a deadline for book #3, due out this spring. You’ll be the first to hear about it when it’s published.

While you're waiting for book #3, check out the first two books, Her Next Dance and Dancing with a Cowboy, available on now.

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